How to sell Parrotlets Online Using Ecommerce

selling parrotlets


Today, we are going to look at starting a new eCommerce business selling Parrotlets online. We will start off looking at Parrotlets, so we understand the product, and then we will move onto general business principles, before looking at the eCommerce activities.

One of the best home business opportunities available today in the USA is to sell Parrotlets online using eCommerce techniques. In this article, you will see why it is such a wonderful business venture to be involved in.

By utilizing eCommerce you have a nationwide market for your Parrotlets. Linking your online store into an online payment provider, and a specialized shipping company allows you to operate a seamless online presence.

What are Parrotlets?

Parrotlets are the smallest member of the parrot family. They are smaller than budgies. You might suppose the closest relative of the Parrotlet would be the budgie, but strangely enough, the Amazon Parrot is its closest family member. They look very much like their much larger relative and have very similar traits. This is why the Parrotlet is sometimes called a “Pocket Parrot.”

Unlike many small birds, a Parrotlet that is well cared for can live up to 20 years in captivity. Some even survive into their 30s. Typically Parrotlets are feisty and sassy, with larger than life personalities. Parrotlet owners need to ensure that they handle the little birds every day and provide enough toys to keep them amused. Failure to pay enough attention will result in a destructive pet. Parrotlets also require a lot of exercises, which can sometimes be challenging. Parrotlets given time with their owners will learn to talk and/or perform tricks.

Care of Parrotlets

It is best to keep parrotlets as single pets. If kept in a pair, one will become dominant, possessive and will keep all the best toys to himself. Despite their size, parrotlets are brave little birds and will get into trouble if left outside their cage unsupervised. They are territorial and will attack other birds and even try to take on the family dog.


The Parrotlet diet is something akin to the Parakeet diet.

  • · Pellets 25% to 45%
  • · Low-fat seed mix 15% to 25% (millet, barley, grass seeds, etc)
  • · Fresh vegetables 30% to 50%

Individual Housing

These active and smart birds require lots of toys and a cage at least 18” by 18”. Larger cages are ok as well, as long as they are not so large that the Parrotlet gets lost. The cages should also not have bars that are larger than �inch apart, or there is a risk it will get its head stuck.

The law regarding selling parrotlets

Birds are the largest group of captive wild animals in the United States. Generally speaking the regulations for keeping and selling birds are fewer than for other animals. In the United States, there may be both federal regulations and state regulations that you are required to follow when selling birds.

Federal laws

You do not require a federal license to keep or sell parrotlets. There is no specific mention of parrots in the Animal Welfare Act. They are also frequently excluded from animal welfare legislation, regulations on pet shops, and existing animal cruelty laws.

State laws

State laws can be quite varied. Here is a document that summarizes the State Laws regarding Birds in Pet Shops produced by the Born Free Foundation.

Zoning laws

Most cities have zoning laws that limit the number of dogs and cats that an individual can own. It is very rare for such laws to apply to birds. There are usually local ordinances that may state the maximum size of an outdoor aviary. Before you start a small business selling birds, you may be wise to check in with your local municipality to check with them, before you invest in the business. You also need to check with your condominium, sub-division, or townhome association to check if any regulations apply.

Selling Parrotlets as a business venture

Starting a bird business in your backyard can be a profitable venture. We will take a look at this venture in some detail. First of all, I want to look more generally at the business and then I will move onto the eCommerce aspects.

This venture can provide an excellent return whether you operate it as a part-time venture, or ramp it up into a full-time business.



Breeding is an essential part of this business, as it is what provides your stock of birds. Let me first say that Parrotlets are not easy to breed, which is good, as it stops amateurs from breeding them without investing time and money in the process.

Your birds will need to be one year old, at least, before they will breed. During breeding, they do not need a large cage to fly around in. 14” x 14” x 14” breeding cages are fine. Each cage should have two perches that are sturdy and well fixed. Perches that seem insecure will result in infertile couples. The perches should be made from natural wood so that the birds can exercise their feet.

There should be one pair per cage. The problem with breeding parrotlets is that they are hugely territorial and just put two strange birds in together and they will fight (potentially killing each other). You need to take your time and introduce them to each other slowly. You need to increase the amount of fat and protein in the diet of the breeding pair. Place the female in the breeding cage a few days before the male.

Parrotlets breed significantly better if there are other breeding pairs in the aviary. They should be able to hear the other pairs, but not see them. Your new breeders are probably not going to succeed at first, and the new parents may not get the hang of being parents at first and neglect their offspring or not sitting on the eggs. They will learn, so be patient. Do not worry, after two or three clutches they will get the idea. In the optimum environment, they may produce between two and three clutches every year. So if you have several breeding pairs you will be building a good stock of birds. A clutch of eggs will typically be between 4 to 7 eggs, although they have been known to lay 10. They will lay one egg every other day until the clutch is complete. The usual incubation timescale is 18 to 19 days. Chicks are removed at 10 days of age but never leave more than four chicks there at a time, remove the oldest one when a new chick hatches. For detailed information about weaning and sexing Parrotlets Google the topic and there is ample material online.

Setting up the Breeding Cages

Each cage should have a nesting box hung on the outside of the cage facing so that when they look out of the box they are facing the back of the cage (put the box on the front of the cage). The nesting box should be 6” x 10” x 7” and filled with between 2” and 3” of unscented nesting material. Open design food and water dishes should be placed away from the perches, so they do not get droppings in them. Water should be placed in a glass tube fountain.

The breeding cages cab be stacked with partitions between them so the pairs cannot see each other. All of the breeding boxes will be on the front where you can easily access them.

Some Parrotlets take great delight in throwing all the bedding out of the nesting box onto the floor of the cage. You will need to keep an eye out for this and replace it immediately.

Sometimes when they have laid eggs the Parrotlets will lose an egg by burying it in the shavings. You need to do checks on each nesting box at least every two days to keep an eye on progress. This also has another purpose, it gets the birds used to you be around.

When removing the babies a useful tip is to use a piece of cardboard to hold the adult birds back. If they manage to bite your hand it will be extremely painful and they will not let go easily. The female will not usually leave the nesting box as much as the male. Be careful, if they feel threatened they will sometimes attack the babies.

OK, that has dealt with the breeding process. This ongoing process will keep a constant supply of new Parrotlets once you get going. You can encourage year-round breeding by using artificial full-spectrum lighting in the aviary which switches on at 8 am and off at 11 pm. The aviary is airconditioned and temperatures are never allowed to drop below 80b degrees.

When setting up your initial stock of Parrotlets, make sure that they are the same species. That way your growing stock will all be the same species and that makes them more valuable.


Prices for Parrotlets (normal not mutations) ranges between $100 and $300 each at retail price. With potentially 5 surviving chicks from a clutch, this can mean it is worth anything between $500 to $1500 per clutch, minus your expenses. With a large aviary with multiple breeding pairs, this can become quite an income, as long as you find the customers.

Now moving on to the Sales aspects and how to sell these chicks using eCommerce

parrotlet ecommerce

What is required to sell Parrotlets online?

Looking at this business proposition there are several stages that you need to go through to start your business. This will take some time, but buying your initial stock of Parrotlets and building up a breeding stock is not going to be done overnight, so you have plenty of time.

(1) Find websites for people doing this already. Spend a lot of time looking at their website, what they are offering, and how they are offering their products, delivery, etc. Study every aspect of their business. I would even use the best website that you find and place an order for a Parrotlet with them, making sure it is of the species that you want to sell. You can then check out the whole eCommerce experience and see what their delivery service is like. Try and find reviews if you can. Identify ways that you could improve on what your competitors do.

(2) If you are selling Parrotlets online then you have to be breeding them yourself. If you buy your stock online and resell them, there is no way to make a profit. So, while building your website you have to be setting up the actual product business, the aviaries, and the equipment you will need. Your website will take time before it starts to generate customers so be patient. This is not a business you can start overnight.

(3) Now you have seen how your competitors sell online you can look at ways to make the whole process smoother, more user-friendly Choose an eCommerce platform that will be used to set up your website. I would suggest using WordPress for a platform and then installing WooCommerce. Build your store or employ someone to do it for you.

(4) Part of setting up your store is knowing how you are going to ship the birds. Shipping is a complex subject and we suggest that you refer to Airbourne Animals [RB1] for advice on shipping. They are a specialist in shipping birds and have a thorough understanding of the whole process.

(5) The shipping costs that you get from this company can then be built into the eCommerce software so that customers pay the cost of transport when they buy the bird.

(6) You will also need to set up payment options. You could use PayPal, or integrate a payment provider into WooCommerce. One supplier that integrates with WooCommerce is 2Checkout.

(7) The final component that you need on your website is a helpdesk that allows your customers, and potential customers to get answers to their questions.

(8) It is quite possible to set up a website yourself using WordPress, WooCommerce, and 2Checkout. However, hiring someone else is also a potential option.


An online store where people can buy a Parrotlet when linked to a breeding facility is an incredibly profitable concept. Take your time to set up the aviary and to build a breeding stock of birds, and while you wait for that to happen you can develop an online presence. It is not going to happen overnight, but this is something you can start to prepare today.


How a Fire Protection Engineer can Use Ecommerce to Sell Their Services and Products

fire protection engineer ecommerce


The profession of a fire protection is one of the most effective ways of earning a steady income. This is because fire protection engineering is a high demand profession and it is a necessity in buildings. Again, the modern customers are more conscious about their safety and want to make a deliberate effort to save life and property.

A fire protection engineer can make a choice to do business in the context of traditional business. However, having an ecommerce business is more preferable due to the immense benefits it carries. With time, business owners will realize that running an ecommerce platform is a necessity and not a preference.

This article is going to guide you on how a fire protection engineer can use ecommerce to sell their products and services.

The Importance of a Website

A website is perhaps the most important tool that drives ecommerce. It helps in capturing critical information on what the business is offering. Therefore, as a fire protection engineer, you should think about offering a plethora of services in order to widen the client base. Some of the services that you can offer in the field of fire protection engineering include and not limited to the following:

-Assessment of the facilities

-Testing and commissioning of the fire protection system

-Assessment of fire risk

-Research and development on fire

-Sustainable fire prevention practices

-Control of loss to property through fires

It is okay to think about being a generalist in fire protection engineering. But at the same time, think about how you can create a niche in fire protection engineering. Creation of a niche in business depends on what you love doing, the demand in the market, and if you can afford the capital required.

As a fire protection engineer, having a niche enables you present yourself as a specialist and an authority in the field. It shows that one is committed and focused in a certain area. Moreover, with a niche, one is able to accumulate vast experience in a certain field of practice.

With the use of ecommerce, online visitors can easily locate the products that they are looking for, and they are going to go to the specific page that is covered by the niche. Therefore, it becomes a win win situation to both your business and the clients.

It is through the website that you are going to present an effective call to action. Here, you will have an opportunity to present your portfolio and your staff. In addition to that, you are going to present a message which will lead to conversion. A call to action gives you the opportunity to initiate the sale of a product or service.

When you prepare a call to action, be sure to state if you are a member of any professional body. Such an achievement helps one to boost their credentials. It is important to remember that the quality of fire protection equipment cannot be compromised. It could be the difference between saving a life and losing a life.


Whereas the fire protection engineering is an essential service, competition is becoming stiffer. Therefore, you have to think about how you can stand out among the peers. The good thing is that ecommerce has immense marketing opportunities.

A fire protection engineer should partner with other professionals in the industry in order to market their services. For example, engineers, building contractors, and architects are good partners when it comes to a fire protection marketing. In addition to that, one should be ready to work with both the public and the private sector. Reaching out to institutions is a matter of paramount importance.

When dealing with fire protection engineering field, you need to ensure that you digest technical information in a way that the average reader can understand. The use of jargon and technical information alienates the reader.

fire safety ecommerce

Seeking for Funding

At one time or the other, a fire protection engineer is going to be in need of funding. The question then becomes how best to attract funding. When you ran an ecommerce store, your chances of attracting funding is higher. This is because the potential investors are going to evaluate you in an easier way, unlike the traditional marketing which is limited in stock.

Collecting Feedback

You need to ensure that you collect feedback when you are interaction with clients and other stake-holders. It is feedback which helps the business make the necessary modification. It is not easy to collect feedback in a brick and mortar store. It is tedious, and carries a lot of challenges before the right collection of feedback and initiating the right response.

An ecommerce platform can help the fire protection engineer to collect feedback. Ways through which a fire protection engineer can collect feedback include the following:

-Client feedback survey

-Email contact form

-Customer interviews

-Instant feedback

Collecting feedback plays a critical role in involving the clients in the business process. They become part and parcel of the business process, and they easily become loyal. In connection to this, their voices are heard thereby involving them in the business.


When one is dealing with a business start-up, one may not envision a situation where the business is going to grow. However, one realizes that the growth of a business comes with its own challenges regarding reaching out to the target audience.

With eCommerce, you will be able to add more business lines as well as payment options. You do not have to change your business premises every time that your business grows. It is better to prepare yourself early enough for such an eventuality.

Saving on Cost

Running a fire protection engineering business can come with a lot of cost. For example, the equipment that is used in fire equipment can occupy a lot of space. When you have brick and mortar store, there is no option but to store everything you are dealing with and this is going to occupy a lot of space.

The better option is to start an ecommerce store. Here, you do not have to store everything that you are dealing with. You can have the right network in your supply chain, and you will be able to make deliveries without necessarily storing them. What matters is the ability of your business to make deliveries on time irrespective of the route that you take.

In connection to this, there are fewer risks in running an ecommerce store. With an ecommerce store, you are not going to use high expenses in a rental, high utility bills, and an increased number of sales people.

fire safety product ecommerce

Improving Reputation

The reputation of a business does matter in determining the fortunes of a business. With an ecommerce platform, you are going to improve your corporate image. In addition to that, the clients are going to have an image of you based on how you present your business. If you present your business in a professional way, then others are going to have confidence with your business.

Personalization of Products and Services

If there is an advantage that comes with an ecommerce store, then that is the ability to offer personalized and customized services. So, how an online store is able to do this, an online store is able to do this through data analytics. With an ecommerce platform, you will be able to monitor the behavior of your customers. Some of the things that you can gain insight on include the following:

-You can check the categories of your clients based on the following variables: age, gender, geography, and ethnicity

-How often a client needs a product or a service

-One may not be a client, but may be a prospect (prospects are opportunities too and they can be converted with the right appeal)

Going International

The intention to serve a global client is driven by the needs to increase the returns as well as the need for diversification. Americans may fear investing in some countries due to challenges such as cultural barriers and a shrinking democratic space, but the harder the terrain, the less the competition. In other words, if business people hesitate to penetrate certain markets, then there is less competition in such an environment.

An ecommerce platform plays an important role in helping a company to go global. Clients can be managed from a centralized system. Somebody can check up your portfolio from anywhere in the world.

Ecommerce and Technology

Ecommerce is as well doing business through technology. Unlike a physical store, an ecommerce store handles many transactions in a single day. In such a busy environment, the value of automation cannot be under-estimated. Technology gives the users a seamless experience.

The use of technology benefits both the business owner and the clients. It leads to accurate and error-free experiences.


As a fire protection engineer, you can offer online courses in the field. There are busy people in the US and beyond, and they may want to take online courses (at least in some courses) in order to save resources and time. In addition to that, some people prefer online courses due to circumstances, having a baby for instance.

Whereas a freelance position may not be a full time job, it can play a critical role in helping you get a reliable part time job. Tasks and activities that you can do and carry out include writing on topics that are related to fire protection engineering. Here, you will offer your expert advice. If you are able to give a personal experience, the better.

Training in fire protection engineering does not mean that you stick to the hard skills in fire engineering. Rather, it is important that you diversify and think about how you can teach soft skills too. Soft skills cut across different professionals and are not a preserve of a few professions. Soft skills that you can teach include the following:

-Communication skills

-Skills in teamwork



-Work ethics


There are cases where fire protection engineers have risen up the teaching ladder to an extent of becoming a lecturer. This is something that you can achieve with the right attitude and determination. However, if teaching is something that you are not passionate about, then it is good not to try it. As stated from the discussion on the niche, you should do something that you love.

The Future of Ecommerce

The future of fire protection marketing ecommerce is optimistic. If the current predictions are anything to go by, the year 2021 will be a particularly impressive year for ecommerce. It is estimated that by the year 2040, a whopping 95 % of all the business will take place through the internet.

Ecommerce has dominated the western hemisphere. However, this is becoming a shifting trend. Other regions of the world are jumping the bandwagon. Again, regions such as Asia have the benefit of a high population. Therefore, when you are able to start a business there, competition may be high, but the market potential is equally rewarding.

The field of a fire protection engineer is going to expand in leaps and bounds. The trend in both the US is to do more buildings in order to expand the economy. This, by default, means that fire protection services will continue being on demand.

It is not enough to hear that a certain industry will grow. Rather, you need to prepare yourself for the growth, and exploit the opportunities that come with it. Therefore, you have to invest strategically and look at the opportunities for growth.


As you can see, you can never go wrong in the field of fire protection. All you need to do is to utilize the right strategies in your endeavor. Ecommerce will go a long way in helping you to realize high returns, to engage more with your clients, and to market yourself. Overall, ecommerce is a viable and sustainable business strategy.

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