Why You Should Use A Blog

starting a blog

“A personal blog is a great way to let people know you and who you are for free.”

In a nutshell, this is what I call my personal blog.

I put posts on the blog at 6:30 in the morning, about 90 minutes. I quickly throw my ideas out there via Twitter and Facebook, and I go online every night at around 5:00 to take the photos that I need to complete the projects I need completed.

With this service, as long as I pay $10 per month, you too can have a mini-website where you can upload lots of photos and eventually post them to your blog, about again, for free!

It’s a great virtual business card.

So how does this service work?

You sign up to be a member. It’s free, and not difficult to do, and it takes literally 10 minutes to a day, 5% of your income, for about 2 hours of your time! If you would make a journal, it’d take another hour to put all the photos in it, and not all of these photos will get filtered yet, and then to post them, you’d need another hour or two to copy and paste them into the appropriate location on the blog. But it’s only $10, and it’s well worth the time.

What I love about this blog is this structure, which I will actually teach you a couple of days from right now. And each day, you’ll get 55 000+ views each day, both from the search engines and from people who find it whilst searching on the internet, and that’s from people who actually want to do business with you.

This gives you just under minutes, and you have potentially thousands of people contacting you to do business with you.

Saying that, what About The Blog you ask? What COULD be wrong with that?

Well, I for one, like to use video on my blog, and you don’t have to. So, for the first 4 months, all I got were text files. Is that bad? No, not at all, but it’s not as IF I had seen it for the first time.

So, Do You Get Instant Traffic?

You do get instant traffic from the search engines, and that’s the beauty with this service, that you will get instant traffics.

Just for the second question, how does it work?

You simply upload one of your new photo albums to the home by design blog, and then the service “lifts it for you.”

What do I do?

I post the album I uploaded on the blog to exactly where it NEEDS to be, it’s just called for what you NEED to do.

For example, if you posted the photo of the faces of the beautiful girls, for your project, when someone searches for those names, it will pull up the album file, you automatically get all the traffic from that single photo, appearing on your HALL webpage, with the lightbox effect, IĀ could have taken all the traffic and placed it in my videos that I uploaded on my YouTube account, but I could have split it up. You don’t have to do that.

I think that the biggest strength of the blog, is that you can change the look of your site almost instantly- I do this every month or so.

What’s it going to take to get this rolling, so you can start your own personal online jack-of-all-trades-master of your own personal mini-blog?

Well, it’s going to take about 30 minutes to get started, about 45 minutes to get going. I take one particular, in 2007, about 30 minutes to do one of the pictures, for which I paid somebody $30 to do it for me. I’m doing it again today, A photo a month, that’s $30 bucks to add an online photo album, website for justover $10.