What is Search Engine Optimization?

search engine optimization


Search engine optimization or also known as SEO is an online tool used by businesses and individuals who want to achieve high traffic and higher PageRank. Just about every website or blog has some standardized content that is made up of some outright information or description of what the company or website is about. But SEO is a technique that involves having this information as part of your webpage or site’s content. What does this actually mean in regards to Search Engine Optimization?

It can be many explanations:

This article is only a brief introduction to what Search Engine Optimization is and how it can be helpful. Look at the resources available online and get as much information as you can before learning how to effectively use this online marketing facet of your business.

SEO indexing or ranking is a process of making pages, articles and web site “crawlable” by search engine search bots that organize and prioritize the data on the Internet. This is usually done through a search engine algorithm which generally looks for common words or terms or phrases. You can also do this on your own by using a keyword suggestion tool (such as the one Google provides) which uses the keywords that you enter to show up in the results and the order they’re displayed in. Really good SEO is a blend of keywords and good ideas related to the company.

There are strategies and secrets to SEO that incorporate relevant content. Here’s an example: Let’s say you offer a real estate program over the Internet and want people to be able to search for “real estate coupons” in Google, Yahoo or MSN. Because many times the sudden after thought may occur: “I find those info insane, driving and talking! I don’t want to know that I have to remember to go back and write that down and check again for it.” Now here’s what I want you to do: make these keywords and phrases prominent through your web page and your articles. You might even want to make it possible to see the entire content on your page by reading it, “See? Now I REALLY, Pages of useful information immediately….. What the heck? I’m already reading this how much later?” Did you get the picture? Now there’s to improve your site’s open rate through titles and link text on pages.

Readers may be confused when they first see your web page. “Do I really mean that I can find a brown sweater on this web site?” Sure, that is what the home page says it is! But if I took a real world scenario, maybe I want to search for the someone’s personal life story. Now even if the brown sweater is one page has a different focus. For example it could be a ” Pie Page” or it could be an article about race complied in a warmth gambling section. Can you imagine that? It is amazing how your brain will quickly process and filter what is NOT relevant and readily dismisses the idea of the brown sweater on that page. “Hey, I don’t like the color brown, I don’t want to see that white colored color in my search results. Citations (Link employment) for “white/black” of the topic for that types of terms (think about it!). That’s clearly relevant!” And it is.

The simple fact is that there is a lot of misinformation and suggestion. Just as everyone emails by email, we should also not believe everything we see on the Web. It gets unreal and outrageous. What may be true online may not be true in the “real” world.

What would happen if I want mom to choose 17 of the results under broad/general search returns? Imagine that. By ranking your site correctly and making it obvious, it will be a valuable resource and assistance to everyone who has a question or interest. If your site is a legitimate site and makes the job simpler for a new person or if you’re Answers site is an educational site, the person searching will feel better and be more likely to believe… You.

As we all know, Google is the main player in “the big game,” the game to attract people to your website/blog/website/page so that they can go on and live and be educated. By not being number one you are letting all that valuable time and effort that you put into the creation of the information/product that you are selling & selling (and me too) at your site go to waste.

What if you sell or offer a service such as interior designer Philadelphia? Think about how important it is to be easily found over the Internet when people in Philadelphia are typing in what they are looking for? Is that better important than it has ever been?