Web Conferencing & Internet Marketing

what is Web conferencing


Web conferencing is a relatively new concept for people who make money online. Web conferencing was seen as a luxury for very lucrative internet marketers. But now we see that it can help your business grow to new levels. Want to know why?


Your product can be a product that you create yourself. There are many internet marketers nowadays who use their own products such as SKB gun cases and then persuade affiliate marketers to sell them. You can use web conferencing to sell yourself and your products. Here are some ideas:

Creating digital products is a great way to connect you and your customers. For example, you could make an email tutorial or create an e book with your own content with resell rights or private label rights. You can also use web conferencing to present any new product that you create. You can network with other internet marketers and set up an affiliate program through them.You can also use web conferencing to sell your other products and services.


The web conferencing you use can pull traffic to your site or even your affiliate programs. Here are some ideas:


This is an area where new internet marketers usually struggle with traffic which is not immediate. So the way to overcome this is to move your focus from traffic to subscribers. Once you start generating traffic, work around the free stuff and give away a good free gift. People don’t like being sold now do they? You keep complimenting them, building a relationship with people, and they’ll buy from you again later.

Traffic tricks used

Free gifts won’t work everywhere, but you can give away a paid one to get a list. Building your list is the first key to growing your business. You can also use web conferencing to connect with visitors to your site and let them know there’s a free gift that they can download right away. That’s a great incentive for them.

It’s being used today for every type of internet marketing and one day it’ll be as common as email. That’s the way to do business in the 21st Century and web conferencing is just one of the tools that you can use to help grow your business.

If you know of some free gifts that would be suitable for your visitors, then email them and let them know you’re giving away a free gift. Market this and you’re on your way to building your list.

Web conferencing is a great tool for getting massive traffic and creating more sales and subscribers. When using web conferencing, it can also help you sell affiliate products instead of your own products. That’s something that I didn’t even consider when I first started emailing people.


This is about meeting people by meeting in the form of your computer. Web conferencing webcams give you the ability to do this with your visitors. You can build your business by using web conferencing to sell your products and services. asleep in bed showed and tell them about your offers and it’s something you should do for your business.

Telephone conferencing

This is a fun way to work around the task because you’re talking online. You can also use a web conferencing to network with other internet marketers and share ideas.

Reach out and connect

Your business can grow from here.

Caution: Not all people are good for business. Some people don’t have the time to attend a webinar and can’t make it and can’t surf the web regularly.

So always be ready when someone shows up for a webinar, whether that’s your own business opportunity or an affiliate program. I love to give my own webinar but it can be really hard to make a teleconference and many people do not. The reason is often because they don’t know how, and they feel guilty if it’s their business. So always be prepared. You can always choose a web conferencing program that allows you to make articles and/or videos for your conference.

Webinar and/or conference video – when featuring your products and services.

Webinar and/or video – your business owners, staff members, or employees can sign up to your web conferencing service to bring in cash. Just think of how much times you have heard people say ” Did you watch this?” Well, when you’re web conferencing to see your sales go up?


Free stuff is another tool that you’ll want to use when using a web conferencing service. Get people interested in your freebies. This can be a new eBook, a flash drive, or a sample of your products or services.