How to Sell Business Books Online



People like gaining knowledge and expanding their wisdom, as well as improving some particular skills. While there are all kinds of new media out there, even online courses, the best way to learn are still books. If you are a person who invested a lot of time and energy to get yourself educated in the field of economics or business, chances are that you own a lot of business books. Some of the business books that you own are treasures where you can always find some new idea or insight that will improve your business sense and acumen. But there are also books in your possession that you have read enough. You have drained these books for everything that they are worth. it is time to say goodbye to them and give someone else the opportunity to read them and drain them of every last drop of knowledge, wisdom, etc.

With the emergence of the internet and online shopping, the odds of selling something have never been higher. The success and rise of Amazon, which started out as a small, family own online book store is just one such example. In the past, you would have to rely on your local area to sell. In this age that we are living now, you can sell stuff, even business books to people in Laos, Bosnia, Chile, Botswana, etc. Even if you are looking to sell stuff in the US you can be optimistic based on the fact that every year the average American buys more than 2 books per year. In this article, we will outline multiple ways that will help you sell business books.

  1. Where to sell Used Business Books
  2. Selling with Shopify
  3. Selling with Amazon
  4. Basic Tips about Selling Business Books Online

Where to sell Used Business Books

If you are looking to sell your used books, we recommend you use some of the following online venues:

  2. eBay
  3. BookScouter

Let us take a deeper look at what these have to offer.

To sell on this website all you need are business books and a PayPal account. Once you figure that out you are ready to sell business books. The website does come with one small issue. Once you sell the boo they will take a certain percentage of your profit. But as soon as the boo is sold the profit will be deposited in your PayPal account.


The biggest positive about selling books on eBay is just how darn easy it is. You might think that there is a lot of work and information to be added to your catalog when you are trying to sell books. eBay makes all that go away easily. What they ask of you is that you just insert the ISBN. Once you do that, they do everything else. They add the title, author, year of production, etc. All you need to do is to describe the condition and hope someone buys it soon.


BookScouter is a great tool to figure out how much a certain book that you are looking to sell might cost. This might save you time and energy. Not every book that you put on the market will be sold. Some will get sold but for lower prices, than you have expected. That is why using BookScouter is a great idea. It saves you both time and nerves.

Selling with Shopify

Shopify will let you sell any type of form of a book. This does not only include physical books but also electronic ones in various formats like EPUB or PDF but also audiobooks that can be easily downloaded from their platform.

As with many other eCommerce stores, they try and mostly succeed in helping you avoid all the heavy lifting. This means that they will support you throughout your business bookselling ventures. They also come with a very low fee, as well as the brilliantly done interface that makes every single decision that the user has to make quite simple. The first step as with other similar sites is to sign up. Once you have done that, you will be able to fill all your different and wonderful digital bookshelves with all those insightful business books that you are looking to sell.

Now, we know that there are a lot of options out there for people to sell their business books. Maybe you want to try different ones out before you fully commit to just once. That is why Shopify comes with a free trial option when you sign up. The free trial lasts for whole two weeks. If you sign up for Shopify, be sure to take the utmost advantage of this option. The visual aspect of buying things even business books can not be understated. That is why this eCommerce store comes with a wide variety of attractive, user-friendly themes. Play around with the settings and themes. Try to figure out what will attract the type of seller that you desire.

Once you have sorted that out, it is time to add your selves with business books. Now, even if you are looking to become a specialized bookseller, that does not mean that you are only allowed to sell one thing on Shopify. You can or are allowed to add all kinds of different books down the line. So in the future, your bookshelves might have more than just business books. For example, you might add some fantasy novels or old textbooks that are still in use. Now you just how to figure out how to attract the attention of potential buyers. We suggest that you make sure that your products pop right there on the page. By pop on the page we mean:

  1. Makes sure to take stunning photos of your books.
  2. Write down all kinds of useful information about that product
  3. Makes sure you list a fair price, that should be in line with what your competitors are offering
  4. A detailed description of your shipping options

Shopify also comes with a lot of very advanced and capable analytics tools. With their use of Google Analytics, you can see how many times people visit your store or a particular product. This will make it easier to figure out what sorts of business books sell more. Knowing that you can invest in similar types of books in the future, knowing that they are as close to a sure sell as possible.

Selling with Amazon

Que Imperial Star Wars music. Amazon gets both good and bad rep from all sorts of people, but it is without a doubt one of the best places to start selling business books. During its first few years, Amazon was a small online book store, and its owner used to drive around town delivering books. But it has grown, like no other business in the history of mankind. The same can happen to your book-selling aspirations if you partner up with them.

Amazon is equally great for people who are looking to sell the books that they themselves have created as well as the books that they own. If you are looking to self-publish a bunch of books that you have written, but you were rejected by other publishers Amazon might be the next step to make your dream come true. If you create an author profile on Amazon, you can list everything that you have created. But you can also list all other times that you are selling. So, for example, you can list the books of people who have influenced your views on economics and business, along with the books that you are offering to the world. But that is far from all that Amazon offers. You can also link a wide variety of things. This even includes blogs or posts that you have written. This gives your buyers a chance to become your audience and follow your work more closely, which in itself is a great chance for them to not only buy the next thing that you have in line, but they will be notified right away as soon as you publish a new book.

Now let us get to the good stuff, the money. There are a few rules that make Amazon different from other types of online stores or booksellers. Amazon will charge you different fees, one of them being a fee for distribution. In general, this means that you will probably give amazon around a dollar and a half for every book that you sell through them. But you will not receive the funds right away. Every customer that uses Amazon has a 30-day return guaranteed. You will need to wait for that period to pass. Once those 30 days are up, Amazon will note that you have completed a sale. But you will need to wait for more, between two weeks or six weeks until you receive the funds. But there is a payment wall or minimum that must be accumulated. The minimum while selling on amazon is 25 Us dollars.

If you only want to sell business books on Amazon, without the want or need to publish and sell your creation you will need to take another route and create an Amazon Sellers Account. There are two options, selling a lot and selling items on an individual basis. If you want to sell multiple items at once, you will need to pay 39.99 dollars every month. If on the other hand, you are looking to sell individual items, you will pay 99 cents per every single item that you wish to list and sell on Amazon. You will need to add all kinds of information to your seller’s account. This information includes.

  1. Your legal name in addition to a legal agreement with Amazon
  2. Your Business Adress
  3. the third and final thing is to set up a billing system so you can get paid

Amazon has pretty much sold every book that was written, so if you want to add your product to the list of books that you want to sell you will need to enter its ISBN number or just search for it on their platform. They will let your group and describe your products in any way you want. You will need to enter certain details yourself. Those details might include the condition of the book, if it is a hardcover or paperback edition of the book as well as, what edition your business books are.

Basic Tips for Selling Books Online

We think that there are two very important factors that a lot of online booksellers overlook. These two potentially crucial elements for online booksellers are:

  1. The condition of the book
  2. Shipping

Let us take a closer look as to how these two conditions might impact the success of your future online book store.

The Condition of the Books that you are Selling

The most important thing when advertising a book is to be as honest as you can about its condition. Be detailed when you describe the condition. Some people don’t mind when pages turn from white to golden yellow, others might. On most sites, sellers will grade their books as, as good as new, great, good, or acceptable. Buyers also like to be surprised. That is why some of them tend to scale down the rating that they give their books. If we put ourselves in the shoes of the buyers it is easy to see why this strategy is working so well. People enjoy getting some business books that are marked as good or great but is in reality as good as new with only slight discoloration or has been read just once.


There is a lot of bad stuff that could happen to something as sensitive and not so durable as a book. That is why, if you are considering selling stuff online your best first move should be investing in great shipping material. An error can happen, even a disastrous one while objects are being shipped from one place to the next. For a bookseller, the worst thing that could happen is if their precious sold books get wet. But luckily, there is plenty of water-resistant material that can be used to wrap your books. Be sure to use the option of tracking numbers. This will be helpful both for you as well as your buyer.