How You Can Sell a DISC Assessment with Ecommerce

DISC Assessment ecommerce


Every year, at least a million people use the DiSC assessment tool to help improve the productivity, communication, and teamwork of everyone in a workplace. The DiSC model offers a common language that people can use and make them understand themselves better and also those they mingle with. They can use the things they learned to diminish conflict and boost working relationships.

If you are thinking of a good business to start, why don’t you try selling DiSC assessment on your ecommerce website? Take a look at the following facts that should convince you of its profitability.

What DiSC can do for Companies and Organizations

DiSC assessments are widely used by thousands of companies and organizations all over the world. Small businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and even Fortune 500 companies are using DiSC personal assessments. It is not surprising for companies and organizations to choose this particular personal assessment tool because DiSC profiles help establish more effective and robust working relationships.

The following are some of the good points of the DiSC assessment and why you need to seriously consider selling it on your ecommerce website if you still haven’t tried.

– The DiSC assessment can elevate self-awareness.

A person who has self-knowledge can do a constructive change. The DiSC profiles show how you find solutions to the problems, what brings you stress and what motivates you, and how you react to conflict.

– It can enhance teamwork and promote camaraderie.

In the modern workplace, it is but natural for people to gather together as a team to help each other finish a certain project. The DiSC profiles teach everyone on the team the things they can do to enhance understanding and communication between the members.

– DiSC assessment can help turn conflict into a productive encounter.

DiSC profiles can help a lot in turning a conflict into something productive and positive. It helps the organization to move forward without inhibitions and fears.

– It can help build up a more robust skill in sales.

Business owners looking for ways to improve their workers’ efficacy in doing sales should seriously consider DiSC assessment. Adapting to the customers’ styles and giving them utmost understanding is vital in establishing a connection. This also allows the customers and sales staff to see eye to eye.

– Team leaders of the company can manage their teams more effectively after undergoing DiSC assessments.

Through DiSC assessments, team leaders have the chance to know and understand the preferred working styles of their team members and employees. The information they acquired can help them become more effective in their roles as team leaders and create better, more efficient teams.

The DiSC assessment can bring lots of benefits to the company. It can help improve the workers’ productivity by a lot and continue working without trouble.

To present the right offer to your target customers, you need to present a clear overview regarding each personality profile.

The Best Way to Persuade Each Personality in the DiSC Model

Each letter in the acronym DiSC represents a particular personality in the DiSC model. D means Dominance, i means influence, S means Steadiness, and C means Conscientiousness.

Individuals with D personalities are usually confident and care more about accomplishing results. These people can often see the big picture. They may be demanding, outspoken, and blunt. They give priority to the results more than anything else. They like to shape the environment and overcome any form of opposition to get the results they want to achieve. The best way to attract people with a D personality is to convince them that you have the right solution that they will find beneficial for their cause.

Individuals with i personalities are usually more open and often put importance on persuading or influencing others and relationships. People with this type of personality tend to be energetic, trusting, open, optimistic, and enthusiastic. These people choose to shape the environment by persuading or influencing other people. The sure-fire way to attract people with this type of personality is to share your experiences and allow them to comment, ask, and talk. You need to focus on the favorable side and do not give them so many details. It is best to sit back and just let them post their comments. Don’t reply when there’s no need to.

Individuals with S personalities are usually dependable and often put importance on sincerity, cooperation, dependability, and loyalty. They tend to have deliberate, calm dispositions. One of the things they hate the most is being rushed. They extend full cooperation with others within the current circumstances to finish the task at hand. The people with this type of personality are motivated by sincere appreciation, opportunities to help, and heartfelt cooperation. They give priority to providing support, maintaining stability, and collaborating. They are often described to be consistent, stable, deliberate, predictable, patient, and calm. The most effective way to entice people with this type of personality is to be amiable and personal. You need to be polite, and you should avoid any form of confrontation.

Individuals with C personalities tend to put importance on competency, expertise, accuracy, and quality. People with this type of personality often fear committing mistakes and being wrong, demand details, and take pleasure in their independence. They put importance on working conscientiously within the current setting to ensure accuracy and high-quality work. These people often produce quality work, display their expertise, and want to gain knowledge. They make sure to always challenge assumptions, maintain stability, and ensure accuracy. They are often tactful, accurate, diplomatic, systematic, analytical, and always careful. The best way to attract these people is to avoid posts that contain too much pep talk. Focus on details and facts. Be diplomatic, persistent, and patient.

Selling DiSC Assessment on Your Ecommerce Website

Everyone in a certain company or organization has a personality that may be purely D, i, S, C, or the combination of any of the basic four models. To attract these companies and organizations to take an interest in your ecommerce site selling DiSC assessment, you need to provide information or solutions in your content or website that will pique their interests and regard you as the foremost authority on the subject.

You can go for paid ads to get more exposure and the different social media platforms offer paid advertising that you can take advantage of. However, if you are just starting your business and looking for ways to market the DiSC assessment without spending a cent on any advertising platforms, you may try the following:

1. Choose the right keywords to target.

If you want to attain success in your SEO campaign, you must choose the right keywords to target carefully. Based on the DiSC personality model that you want to attract, you should think of the keywords that someone with a particular personality model would search for. A person with D personality would likely search for something that offers a solution. You should think of something that can attract the interest of someone with that kind of personality and use the related, relevant keywords to the product you are selling.

You can write something about DiSC assessment being the fitting solution for companies or organizations that expect favorable results from the performance of their workers or members. You need to devise a sort of strategy when choosing a targeted keyword. Here are some of the things that you can do to enhance the ranking of your keywords:

– Add the keyword in your article’s title.

– Make sure to put the keyword within the first 50 characters of the title.

– Aim for a featured snippet by providing a direct answer to the problem that your post is trying to provide a solution to.

– Use the keyword in at least one of the subheadings.

– You can aim for local SEO when you include a particular location in your DiSC assessment post.

You also need to consider having a strong backlink profile to help boost your ecommerce website in the search list. You may also do a quick search on Google and list down the top three pages that have your target keywords. You can run a backlink analysis to see the number of unique backlinks that those web pages may have.

Even if your website is nowhere near the ranking of those in the top three pages of the search list, you can still outrank any of them easily if you have more referring domains.

2. Place your keywords in the right spots.

After choosing the right keywords to target or rank, you need to determine the spots where your keywords should appear. You need to place your keywords strategically to get a better ranking. You should also be careful of keyword stuffing if you don’t want to get penalized. You also need to keep updated on the latest Google algorithm and its restrictions.

Some of the good spots to put your keywords have already been mentioned earlier. You may also put your keywords in the following hot spots:

– Your DiSC assessment web page’s URL

– The page’s meta description

– At least once in the page’s main content

Some SEO experts suggest placing the main keyword within the first 150 words of the article. However, there is no concrete proof that doing so can bring significant improvement in the ranking of your web page or ecommerce website. However, many see this as a good practice to follow.

There are two things that you need to keep in mind when putting keyword on a web page:

– Remember to optimize not just the main keyword but the secondary keywords as well.

– Keyword inclusion does not mean you are going to get higher rankings right away.

You may need to wait for few weeks to few months to see results. You may need to make some adjustments when you see that something is off or discover something that can help your web page rank.

3. Give in-depth and unique descriptions of the products that you are selling.

If your ecommerce website does not have an active blog, your business may struggle with content marketing. Many ecommerce websites only provide short descriptions for their products. The customers visiting your ecommerce website may not find any valuable information about the product. The insufficient information or description is not enough to entice the customers to avail the DiSC assessment that you offer. You need something that will establish you as the authority on the subject, and the one they can look up to when it comes to the product that you are selling.

You also need to make some adjustments based on the type of people that you are trying to entice to buy your product. A short description is also not enough to include your keywords and give them the right amount of exposure. Also, you need to keep in mind that there are other ecommerce websites that sell the same products that you have on your business website.

You need to be careful with duplicate content. Posting the same content again can diminish your credibility. What’s even worse is posting duplicate content from your competitor’s web page.

4. Make sure that you have a fast website loading speed.

Your customers may not bother visiting your website again if you have a slow loading speed. It will surely affect the user experience. Many people tend to click different pages in one sitting and often view the one that loads the fastest. Even if you have the right things to offer or the most economical DiSC assessment, your customer will not bother to wait for your page to load completely if it is too slow.

No one wants a slow-loading page, not even you. Avoid losing customers and look for a reliable web design and development agency to help you fix your website.

These are just some of the things that can help you sell DISC assessment on your ecommerce website. Following these suggestions can also help you increase your organic traffic, which can boost your website even more.