How to Use Ecommerce to Sell Cabinets




People remodel their kitchens all the time. That normally means replacing the tiling, the countertops, and even items like cabinets. This makes such projects a blessing for cabinet dealers. But how do you get a homeowner to buy your cabinets?

Better yet, how do you get anyone to buy your cabinets? It isn’t enough to start a website. Cabinet eCommerce is far more complicated than that. Yours would be just one among thousands or even tens of thousands of websites selling cabinets. You have to take several factors into account before you can turn your Cabinet eCommerce business into a hit.

Getting Started with Cabinets

Before you can concern yourself with a cabinet e-commerce site, you have to start a cabinet business. Doing so requires you to keep the following in mind:

1). Plan

Everyone requires a plan. That includes cabinet dealers. Your plan has to detail all the aspects of your business, including the internet marketing strategies that will turn your cabinet eCommerce site into a hit.

2). Money

Make a budget. You can start a cabinet dealership with just a few thousand dollars. It ultimately depends on the model you will use. Some people design and produce the cabinets themselves. Other people hire companies to design and make the cabinets.

If you want to make your own cabinets, you need money for a workshop, tools, and a delivery vehicle, to mention but a few. You can also rent everything you need rather than buying new equipment. It is the cheaper option.

3). Operational Costs

It isn’t enough to collect money to start your cabinet dealership. You also need money to keep the business going. You have to pay for everything from rent to labor costs, equipment maintenance, and repair, etc.

This applies to your cabinet eCommerce site. Unless you have the relevant technical skills, you have to hire an expert to keep it running along with solving any issues that might arise. People’s eCommerce sites fail all the time because they stopped functioning at the most inopportune times and their customers couldn’t make purchases. You need an expert on hand to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

4). Audience

Once you have everything you need to start your cabinet dealership, you need to identify your market. This will affect the strategies you will use to promote your website. Some people sell directly to individual consumers. Others sell to professionals such as architects, designers, and the like.

5). Cost

Don’t forget to figure out your price tags. How much are you willing to charge for your merchandise? Some cabinet eCommerce sites succeed by selling cabinets they do not own. They operate as a referral service that connects consumers to dealerships.

Because they don’t have overhead costs such as rent and most of their transactions happen online, they can afford to sell cabinets at a much lower price. This allows them to grow their consumer base.

6). Name

Your business name is significant because it will affect your domain name and the marketing strategies you will use. You need a name that is memorable and easy to promote. It should also tell people exactly what you do.

7). The Law

You are encouraged to cover your bases where the law is concerned. That means getting a license, registering for taxes, and getting an accountant who will ensure that your books are always in order. Online cabinet dealerships are not exempt from this sort of bureaucracy.

How to Use ECommerce to Sell Cabinets?

When it comes to using e-commerce to sell cabinets, you have to keep three things in mind:

1). Website

Whether you personally design and make cabinets or you use other people to design and make your merchandise, you have the option of selling it yourself. You can do this by starting a website and using it to reach consumers from all corners of the globe.   For example, if you are a Tennessee cabinet painter but you can offer your services all over the world, do not put Tennessee in your domain name.  Localizing your business can hurt you with ecommerce.

This approach works because it gives you complete control over your products. You can market them any way you want. You can also keep all the profits.

2). Dealers

You also have the option of selling your cabinets through dealers. Some dealers only work with very specific brands. They either make their own cabinets or they have been contracted by particular cabinet manufacturers to sell their products. They can’t offer merchandise from any other brand.

But such dealers are few and far in between. Most dealers on the internet will sell anything that consumers want. If you have cabinets, you can reach out to them. Ask them to offer your brand. Some dealers require convincing.

You have to show them why your cabinets are a profitable item. You can do this by highlighting their quality. You can also refer to previous customers that have expressed satisfaction after buying your cabinets.

Some dealers require more coaxing than others. If you are struggling to find a suitable dealer for your cabinets, do your research. Identify online dealers that are struggling with the brands they have in stock. Offer your wares as a more profitable alternative.

3). Promotion

By giving your products to a dealer, you also leave the responsibility of selling your cabinets in their hands. It is the more convenient option. However, if you are still expected to promote your products.

Most reputable online dealers have a marketing strategy in place that is designed to attract customers. But you can help them along by pointing consumers in their direction.

Communicate with the dealers in question. Don’t blindside them with promotions they don’t know anything about. Let them know that you want to promote your products on their site. If you have a strong presence online, they will appreciate anything you can do to increase their traffic. You can also collaborate with them on promotional content. The hurdles surrounding cabinet eCommerce projects are easier to overcome when you have help.

Promoting Your Cabinet eCommerce Website

If you already have a website, you have to promote it. Don’t assume that people will stumble across it by accident. There are plenty of dealers selling cabinets on the internet. If you don’t want yours to disappear in the crowd, you must take steps such as the following to raise its visibility:

1). Content

Content matters. It isn’t enough to publish a catalog of your wares on your website. You need content that will keep your platforms in the limelight. That includes your social media accounts. Create posts related to cabinets.

You can provide detailed descriptions of your offerings. You can also share articles about cabinets that your consumers will appreciate. If you personally design and create your cabinets, take your audience behind the scenes.

Use pictures to show them how you make your products. Keep your eCommerce platforms active. Otherwise, people will forget about them.

2). Updates

Keep people abreast of all the new merchandise in your catalog. Don’t presume that your consumers are aware of all the new cabinets you regularly add to your collection. If you have any special items in stock, talk about them.

If you don’t have new stock, don’t be afraid to remind people of all the old items you have. Your consumers don’t have the time to browse your entire collection. Find some of the cabinets you think they will appreciate and highlight them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will eventually promote a cabinet they want but did not know you had.

3). Prizes

If your content has failed to get your cabinet eCommerce site the traction you want, create deals and promotions. Give your consumers a chance to win prizes and discounts. Consumers love free merchandise. Any contests you have on your platforms will bring them running. This strategy will not only cement the loyalty of your old customers but also attract new clients some of whom had no idea you even existed.

4). Reviews

If your website is active and you have used it to sell cabinets to customers in the past, ask those customers to write reviews. Most of the reputable dealers on the internet have been reviewed by various publications in the industry.

But ordinary people do not trust such reviews. They are more inclined to believe testimonials that other ordinary people left on the internet. This is why it is so important for your satisfied customers to leave comments on platforms like Facebook.

The more positive feedback you have, the easier it will become to attract traffic to your eCommerce site, the more cabinets you will sell in the long run. You can get customers to leave reviews by simply asking them.

Don’t make it mandatory. Be polite. You can also send reminders to their email addresses. If you notice complaints in your reviews, take steps to reply to them and to resolve any issues the customer in question might have.

Angry consumers have been known to change negative reviews to positive ones if they believe that a company has done everything in its power to make them happy. If your customers are already leaving positive comments about your cabinets on other websites, publish those reviews and comments on your site.

Do not expect the random people that stumble upon your eCommerce site to look for reviews. Some people do this. But others are unwilling to put in the time. You can help them by posting all those positive reviews on your website and social media platforms for them to find with ease.

5). Advertising

People use social media because it allows them to promote their businesses for free. However, sometimes, you have to spend money on ads to boost your cabinet eCommerce site. The advantage of paid ads on social media platforms like Facebook is that they are inexpensive.

You can spend very little money to reach hundreds of thousands of people over a relatively short period of time. You can also pay Google to promote your brand. If you don’t have the knowledge or experience, hire a marketing expert. They know all the simple tweaks that you can use to turn your online dealership into an internet sensation.

Some Marketing Tips For Your Cabinet eCommerce Site

If you need a little more help to attract new customers to your online store, consider the following:

1). Reputation

You need a solid reputation. People rely on good word-of-mouth to identify the shops on the internet they will use to buy the merchandise they need. Improve your reputation among your consumers by going the extra mile to make them happy.

Do not stop at giving them a high-quality product. Follow up with them. Find out whether your offerings left them completely satisfied. If they have complaints, try to resolve them as quickly as possible.

2). Audience

You cannot win everyone over. Rather than trying to promote your products to the world, find a specific audience. It is easier to succeed when you have a niche market. You can customize your marketing campaign to target their unique tastes. Find a specific section of the industry that appeals to you and make them a priority.

3). Website

Investigate your website. Is it easy to use and navigate? Does it give your consumers the best possible experience? If not, hire a technician that can improve its appearance and functionality. The look matters.

People are repelled by ugly websites. Your cabinet eCommerce platform should be attractive and professional. Give it a color scheme that can be incorporated into your brand.

4). Networking

Reach out to other cabinet dealers on the internet. Try to collaborate on projects. This will give you access to new sections of the market. You should also talk to professionals in the business that use cabinets such as contractors and designers. Professionals of this kind are the best clients. If they are successful, they always have an ongoing project and they always need cabinets.

You can use them to grow your business. If your products are good, they will tell their friends about you. The more reputable customers you have, the easier it is to convince new clients that they can trust you with their cabinet-related needs.