Email List Marketing Secrets

Email List Marketing Secrets


Many Internet Marketers have used the ‘Opt In‘ email marketing trick to boost their online incomes.

What Is opt in email list marketing?

First of all it is a list of emails that you have not sent any email to; none of those emails belong to you otherwise they would not be your opt in email list.

So what you are doing is this, offering people something for free. For example, you can give away a free report or a free weekly newsletter, that would be a great incentive.

Now people may like this and may give you an email to be included in your list. This is all done legally via things like autoresponders like Aweber or Getresponse. However you have to be careful when selling people things.

Your sometimes approach is to offer to give something for free in exchange for the potential customer’s email address. This is known as List B – An effective way to build your opt-in list for targeted marketing.

How does this work?

You can write articles about selling flood damaged house and set a link in the resource box to the website where the product or your affiliate link is. For example, if your product is a course on how to potty train your dog and the freebie is a multi made and well-designed dog potty training system, your article would have to be about article marketing and the free product would be an article marketing guide.

Once the customer reads their article andancies this product, they are sent to a page that requests their email address. To collect this email address, you offer them information that will either clarify information about your article, or a completely free solution to the problem mentioned above.

They answered these questions and then they are added to your list.

Why mail out to hundreds?

The idea is not to mail out to hundreds but to mail out to a thousand.

So, in the above example again and setting a link to the free course about article marketing. In effect, you can send traffic to that one link on this ‘nightly’ basis for free.

Email list marketing works within the art of internet marketing and works very well. You will need the subscribers to be targeted and interested in the theme of the product you are selling or promoting.

However, it is imperative to build a good list, or it will be very difficult to find any buyers. A few buyers, who have opted in to your list, will purchase the product that you are selling or promoting; more needing to occur.

When sending out an email list to your subscribers, it is important that the emails contain useful and relevant information.In this way, you interact with the subscriber and develop a connection with them. This approach works in your favor as well.

You will find that you will get a higher response rate as these subscribers will have already showed some interest in what you have sent them email about.

When the mail gets opened, the prospect’s impression about your company is enhanced and they will be able to make and take decisions about the kind of business and products you are marketing.