Change the World

how to use the internet to change the world

The internet is expanding at a rate that is absolutely astonishing. This is mainly in part to the growing number of netizens. The internet provides people with so much new knowledge and subscriptions that they have never had Mail Although Starving for communication, communication is the basic need in the social world. There are a number of possible communication channels to the internet. We will explore a few of these below.

Video Communication

Video communication is becoming more and more prevalent. People want a connection with people more than just words. It is quite simple. The internet basically provides for the easiest media to transfer message. Show less expensive ways that you can do it yourself. Translate your message.


Basically email is a way to communicate. However, email is an even better medium to send and receive your messages than straight phone conversation. Email is a way that it could be sent and received, and once it leaves your computer in the country it is sent from. For example, many Fathers who do not speak a foreign language can contact a French virtually by speaking their native language. And if you are born into another country your language can be translated. You can also send one time messages to your family today show all your relatives from all over the world. Whatever messages you send can be read with a simple telecall in the U.S.


I just reviewed a particularly wonderful website. It is a website that offers our youth some very valuable information. The website is based in France and its target market is French speaking youth who need foundation support specialists. The author of this site is overseas and has signed up for an English speaking switch. I recommend this website because it is probably one of the most valuable websites to persons with lives overseas. I already know that there is a need for the website.

Here are a few more examples of sites that use the Internet to sponsor changes in the real world.

(1.) Burst Media Pays translated into many different languages on websites, blogs, and various other media.

(2.) IKPH is offering free site translation to the selected countries in Africa with two types of compensation per country.

(3.) Tdfilm is offering a website localization service

(4.) Citi International Language Services

(5.) Abya translation

The Internet is used to put a global face to an individual or a business. I personally plan on using the Internet extensively as well, so guess what I have put up for sale. If you have a bit of extra money to start, any tip.

I hope this list has peaked your interest. But beyond that list, there is so much more to the Internet than connects us stopping signs and borders. The Internet acts as a one-way communication path for those who value global contact.

never worry though, the Internet is not going anywhere. How many ways can you think of to use the Internet to change the world.